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Our API is specifically designed to help developers with formatting and searching addresses efficiently. By utilizing Rupantor Geocoder, you can easily format any given address and retrieve its completeness status.
RESTful endpoint
JSON Response
Detailed Geocodes
No Lat-Long Needed

Why choose Rupantor Geocoding

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Format any given address effortlessly

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Verify address completeness and receive status updates

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Supports only FormData – simple and efficient data handling

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Utilizes Geocode API for optimal performance

How It Works

Transforming Location Data with Precision

To utilize Rupantor Geocoder API, you need to send your address data using the FormData object. This allows you to include various address components such as street name, city, state, and postal code.
Rupantor Geocoder works seamlessly with the Geocode API. Each request made to Rupantor Geocoder involves two Geocode API requests. These additional requests are necessary for determining the integrity of the address and ensuring accurate geocoding results.
By combining the functionality of Rupantor Geocoder and Geocode API, you can take advantage of comprehensive address handling features and enhance the overall quality of your applications.
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Use Cases

Here are a few use cases where Rupantor Geocoder API can be beneficial

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Customer Mapping

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Address formatting for efficient delivery

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E-commerce Platforms

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Service-based Applications

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