Build Efficient Truck Routing Solutions With Barikoi
Get truck-specific routes and directions that integrate truck attributes, compliance requirements, road restrictions, regional nuances, scheduling and safety.
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Barikoi’s Truck Routing APIs and SDKs Account for the Challenges and Complexities of Trucking

Truck attributes like type, dimensions, weight, etc.
Truck restrictions, compliances and permits
Map and route editing capabilities
30% better ETA accuracy and improved safety

Get a Suite of Tools to Build an Effective Truck Routing Platform

Affordable large Distance Matrix API maps all required stops for your fleet

Barikoi’s Distance Matrix API supports 5000*5000 matrices to accommodate the ordering and re-ordering of all possible stops, such as fuel stations, tolls, warehouses and more. Get accurate distance and travel time calculations customized to the type of truck — 16-wheeler, 8-wheeler, trailer, etc.

Most distance matrix APIs get quite pricey as you scale. With Barikoi’s affordable and flexible payment options, though, you can scale your fleet operations seamlessly without worrying about costs.

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Truck-optimized ETAs and routes with editable and fresh maps

Custom editable maps and map tools allow for the incorporation of road closures, compliances and truck restrictions in real time or in advance.

AI-powered algorithms calculate highly accurate truck ETAs and routes based on specific attributes of each truck. It integrates complicated truck and road restrictions, entry/exit rules, permits, topography, cargo-based rules, driving patterns, tolls, stops and much more and generates highly accurate truck routes

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Navigation SDK for fluid, safe navigation for truck drivers

Seamless and intuitive turn-by-turn navigation tailored to truck routes. This sticky navigation experience is tightly coupled with the underlying truck routes that include all truck restrictions, compliances, traffic rules, topography, road permits, etc. to enhance the safety and efficiency of truck navigation.

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Snap-to-Road API for reconstruction of truck routes from GPS tracks

The Snap-to-Road API maps GPS coordinates to corresponding locations on the actual road network and reconstructs routes with accuracy. This route knowledge helps truckers traverse long distances, unfamiliar geographies and unknown terrain smoothly, safely and efficiently.

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Flexible Pricing Models

Choose a pricing option that’s right for your trucking needs

Pay as you go

Pricing based on volume of API calls or users


Flat subscription fee with unlimited API calls for on-premise deployment


Pricing based on ML model deployed

The Complete Package for Truck Routing and Navigation

distance matrix image

Distance Matrix API

Accurate ETAs and distances with matrix size of 5000*5000

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Routing API

Truck-optimized routes with all constraints applied

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Geofencing API

Improve field force visibility, scheduling and dispatch

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Navigation SDK

Smooth and safe navigation experience for drivers

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