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Reshape retail with custom maps and data. Enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency with accurate ETAs and optimized batching, route planning and dispatch.
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Barikoi’s APIs and SDKs Account for the Challenges and Complexities of Retail Operations

Custom MapsDisplay store-level details and highlight what's near your store. Visualize your map tiles using custom map styles.
Routing and DispatchOptimize routing and dispatch with multi-variable inputs to maximize fleet utilization and minimize costs.
Accurate ETAsGet highly accurate ETAs by utilizing data on operations, real-time traffic, road constraints, driver behavior and more.
Order BatchingEnhance operational efficiency by assigning the right jobs to the right drivers to optimize order fulfillment.

A Suite of Tools to Build Your Field Service Solution

Drive customers into stores with custom maps

Integrate routes, traffic data and directions in fully customizable, dynamic maps to provide customers with everything they'll need to quickly and easily find your stores.

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Furnish customers with relevant store-specific information

Provide a full range of store-level details, such as pick-up options, store operating hours and other pertinent information — all in keeping with your brand aesthetic, with customized static maps.

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Maximize fleet performance with the Distance Matrix API's Distance Matrix API offers superior scale and performance with a 5000*5000 matrix size, compared to the standard 25*25. Generate accurate ETAs and efficient routes based on live traffic data, get a bird's eye view of fleet operations and gain better insight into driver locations, ETAs and potential hurdles. This results in better-informed drivers, fewer disruptions and lower last-mile shipping costs.

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Optimize delivery routing and dispatch with the Route Optimization API

Reduce transportation costs and improve delivery accuracy with better order dispatching and routing.'s Route Optimization API incorporates numerous factors like vehicle profiles, speed profiles, delivery windows, driver skills, etc. Meanwhile, our Navigation SDK improves driver safety and efficiency by providing turn-by-turn directions with custom POIs.

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The Complete Package for Retail

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Distance Matrix API

Accurate ETAs and distances with matrix size of 5000*5000.

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Routing API

Route optimized from cargo trucks to e-scooters.

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Maptiles API

Customize your maps to fit your specific business aesthetic and user needs.

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