Efficiently Manage Your Cleaning Workforce With Route Optimization Solution
Smart job management and maximum efficiency for your cleaning crews. Optimize schedules, automate routing, and minimize travel time with Barikoi.
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Barikoi’s APIs and SDKs Account for the Challenges and Complexities of the Dynamic Field Service Industry

Route Optimization APIOptimize routes between patient locations and medical facilities for maximum efficiency, reducing travel time and costs.
Real-Time TrackingEnhance transparency by enabling ops managers, patients and caregivers to monitor progress with live tracking of NEMT vehicles.
Geofence AlertsSend automated alerts to patients and caregivers as drivers enter or leave specific locations, improving communication and coordination.
Seamless NavigationProvide optimal routes and turn-by-turn directions for NEMT drivers, reducing errors and ensuring timely service delivery.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cleaning Service Operations

Efficiently manage complex constraints for cleaning services

Seamlessly handle multiple vehicle routing with time/delivery windows, capacity limitations, and job/skill specifications tailored to cleaning services.

Streamline planning and execution of cleaning tasks, even in scenarios with diverse requirements.

Optimize resource allocation and maximize productivity by efficiently managing complex constraints unique to the cleaning service industry.

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Flexible stop adjustments for dynamic cleaning operations

Instantly modify the order of stops on your cleaning service routes with ease, adapting to changing circumstances or client preferences effortlessly.

Accommodate spontaneous requests or urgent changes on the go, ensuring optimized routes for your dynamic cleaning operations.

Seamlessly adjust stops in real-time to maximize efficiency and deliver exceptional cleaning services.

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Efficient scheduling and dispatch for seamless cleaning operations

Automate the assignment of jobs to cleaning professionals, ensuring timely and well-coordinated operations.

Maximize resource utilization and minimize travel time by optimizing routes and dispatching based on real-time data.

Improve customer satisfaction with on-time arrivals and efficient service delivery through effective scheduling and dispatch.

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Deliver a superior customer experience with accurate ETAs and real-time tracking

Provide precise Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) based on reliable first-party and operational data, ensuring customers have accurate arrival time expectations.

Enhance transparency by keeping customers informed about the expected arrival times of your cleaning service professionals, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Empower customers with real-time tracking capabilities through our Live Tracking API, allowing them to monitor their cleaner's location and track progress during the cleaning process.

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Seamless coordination with geofence alerts

Automate the sending of alerts to customers when your cleaning service agents enter or leave specific geofenced locations, ensuring seamless coordination.

Enhance communication and operational efficiency by keeping customers informed about the progress of their cleaning service in real-time.

Improve customer satisfaction with timely updates on agent location, creating a transparent and seamless cleaning service experience.

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Efficient cleaning service management with multi-resource scheduling

Optimize your cleaning service operations by efficiently scheduling and coordinating multiple resources, including cleaning professionals, equipment, and vehicles.

Assign the right combination of resources to each task based on availability, skills, and specific requirements.

Minimize idle time, reduce travel distance, and maximize resource utilization for improved operational efficiency.

Ensure timely completion of cleaning tasks and enhance customer satisfaction through effective multi-resource scheduling.

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Make your cleaning service operations more transparent, efficient and profitable

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Distance Matrix API

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Route Optimization API

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Geofencing API

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Live Tracking API

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Road Editor Tool

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Snap-to-Road API

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